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 SMM (Social Media Marketing) programs that work


Unmatched Targeting

In the entire history of marketing, never have you been able to target to your exact demographic as you can through social media. You can target by location, age, hobby, lifestyle, gender, and shopping habits. 

Strategic Planning

Most social media plans seem like you should be doing something at all times. In reality, you can put together a monthly plan and schedule your posts for the entire month. We can get you organized.


For the paid social media advertising, you set the budget so there’s never any surprises. The good news is a totally free campaign can also be quite effective.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Why do you advertise in social media? The same reason they rob banks. It is where your customers spend the majority of their time online. 

Organic Content Creation

To run a social media program, you need content. Pictures, discounts, interesting concepts. In short, you need to engage. We can help you create the kind of things your customers want to link to.

Increase Your Audience

The more you do it, the more friends, followers, page likes, etc., you get. The snowball just doesn’t start out big, but it won’t get there unless you start.

Build Your Brand

Social media is all about presenting yourself and your business as someone or something that customers want to get to know and do business with. Which is the essence of building a brand.

Meaningful Metrics Reporting

As with almost anything digital, our monthly reports show the type of data that helps you make sense of the whole program.

Results you can see and believe

The Cowbell Agency has a proven, effective method for increasing your voice through social media channels. Once we understand who you are as a company we develop a comprehensive strategy that:

  • Utilizes the channels that are more likely to reach your customers
  • Utilizes the channels best suited for business objectives and goals
  • Is realistic in scope and is in alignment with your budget
  • Improves your customer engagement and amplifies your voice to your target audience
  • Identifies Key Performance Indicators and metrics that we’ll use to measure success

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